aion is still live and have many active players

there are many people say aion is dying,but in my opinion,aion still rocks me a lot.aion is still live and have many active players.

i still have lots of fun things to have in aion.especiall in the pve.there are many interesting new maps to explore.and the mos are hard to kill.and the tasks are also hard to make.all have fun.

i would like a pure pvp or pve server,only have pvp or pve.but i think ncsoft would never open this type wish is get done all the new maps in aion.i have a lot of aion kinah in game.i have top level armour sets already.i don't know what to do next

i aslo play another mmorp game swtor,but that is not good enough,i like aion better,i even think aion is better than wow.

in January,all mmorpg game fall a lot.mainly might be affected by the china new year.the most players go to have new year holiday,and don't take a lot of time to play the games."Regulus legend" , "Royal Dragon in the day " is too bad now.and the group fight game also fall a lot by the  china new festival.